Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Dinner - Chicken Fajitas

OK, it has been crazy this week - no time to post. Since last week, I made pink eyed peas, potato salad, chicken fajitas, and paella. It has been crazy, but I tried to take pics. I will at least post a recipe if not a pic.

Chicken fajitas:

2 lb. boneless/skinless chicken breast cut in 1 inch strips
4 onions
2 bell peppers (red or green)

Place one tbsp oil in pan. Add chicken and vegetables, sprinkle liberally with fajita seasoning (I use Fiesta Brand). Saute on medium heat until nearly done. Add taco seasoning (taco bell or old el paso), and cook until meat is cooked through.

In a soft tortilla, serve with mixture mexican/spanish rice, sour cream, fresh tomatoes and green onions.