Saturday, April 12, 2008

The evolution of the "Birthday Cake"

It started out innocently 17 years ago. We decided to elope. Someone found out and decided I would always regret it if we did not have a wedding - they were wrong, but still entitled to an opinion. So the women took over, they pulled of a nice wedding in 5 days. THe only thing I was stubborn about was the grooms cake. I don't know why I got it in my head that I needed to make it, but I did. Looking back, it wasn't very pretty, but it was still a beginning.

Foward to the girl child's 1st birthday. We lived on a farm. I decided she was having a farm party. We rented the legion, I decorated with homeade paper mache fish, steamers balloons -everything I could think of. Then I made a cake with a farm scene - twizzlers for the barn, tiny animals, etc. Birthday number 2 was Minnie Mouse. You guessed it. A HUGE Minnie head with about a pound of buttercream. Suddenly, there was a pattern. The second kid came along, and I couldn't leave him out.
So it went, and here I am - maybe 50 themed cakes in trying to figure out something different to do or Lu - he asked for a golf ball and a putter. I decided to do a large golf ball using fondant round pan and fondant (see pic) make a putter, and use different kinds of cupcakes to give it the "feel" of a course.

I made strawberry, vanilla and smores cupcakes. The smores came from Martha's cupcake show. Besides being fabulous, I let the kids help me torch the tops and they had fun. I used a mini bread loaf pan to make the square for the "putter" Then cut and rolled a paper towel roll and iced the end for the shaft. On the left is when we started to assemble it. Oh, and I almost forgot - I found candles in the regular cake section at wal-mart that spelled happy birthday and looked like golf flags. He was very happy, and it was kind of fun to do. Everyone liked the regular cupcakes, but they all flipped over the Smores one - came and asked for the recipe. They were so easy - I even used a boxed mix for the cake part (wait - what did I just hear? I think it was my MIL rolling over in her grave!! Sorry Ann - this would have passed for 100% home made!).
If I can find pictures, I think I will make a page on this blog with as many of the cakes as I can remember - I am always looking for new ideas and am sure others are too. Here is the finished cake:

Thanks for the pizza and poker Midgee - I had time to finish this.

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Anonymous said...

You put me and Ann in the same blog, if she wasn't turning , she is now!!!! And the 7 minute icing was "to die for!"