Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Is A Keeper

Now what should I name it? Here is what happened. The boys wanted to make pizza. Now pizza is one of my favorite foods, but I was not in the mood, plus I had some mushrooms and puff pastry I needed to use. I made the pizza dough for the boys. While it was resting, I made something special for the rest of us-
Salt/Pepper/garlic and then Saute the following:
Sliced baby portabellas, fresh spinach, onions
Mix ricotta and mozzerella
Line pan with one sheet puff pastry. Cook at 400 for 10 min.
On the pastry, layer cheese, veggies, chopped chicken, and sliced tomatoes.
Cover with 2nd sheet pastry and cook 20 min. or until golden.
Serve with marinara

This was absolutely wonnderful. It cooked along side the pizzas, and everyone was happy!! There are no measurements because I threw together what I had.

Any suggestions for a name?


Midge said...

How about "Puff Spinich Surprise?"

Midge(again) said...

It was such a good! surprise, Jim almost talked!!!

inside the box said...

I love it I love it - he did almost talk!!

maggie's mind said...

Oh, that sounds good! I don't have a name in mind, but I'm always available to taste test ;)

Amanda said...

Well it seems like a calzone, only with puff pastry instead of pizza dough. So I'd call it a puff pastry calzone.

Better Than Paula said...

Amanda - I like that - to me it was like a mix between spanakopita and calzone. I just know it was good and easy - anyone could do it.